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Eli Manning congratulates bother Peyton Manning on being selected Super Bowl XI MVP. 

St Louis beats the Jets 23-10 to win Super Bowl XI

A match up between brothers at Qb Eli vs Peyton Manning , Coaches Tom Forbes (NYJ) vs Keith Sanderlin(ST.L) really brothers since the age of 6. Both coaches have never won a SUPERBOWL in the AFL yet,(10yr vets) now face each other in the biggest game of all.

St. Louis wins the toss and defers

The Jets open up with 3 straight runs to Blount for a total of 22 yards then go for it on a 4th and 6 at Rams 41 and come up short by inches(which Im baffled he didnt punt) St.louis takes over Peyton hits Jackson for 9 and then Nelson on 2 passes 7 and 24 helps setup a FG by Scobee from 38 yards and St.L takes a 3-0, Jets are held to 5 plays and out , St.Louis starts at own 7 , moving the ball Manning going 4-4 for 44 yds and then is stymied by the Jets defense on a 4th and 3 on NY 45 (I was dumb). Jets take over Eli hits Garcon for 13, then Ogbonnay for 16 and Celek for 11 mixed in with some runs, the Jets have 2nd and 2 from the 3 and hand it off to Pierce on 2 straight plays and gain only 1 yd , so on 4th and goal they hand it off to Pierce and the Rams sold out blitzing everyone but still make it. 1st and goal Pierce dives over to make the score 7-3 Jets lead with 10 min left in 2nd qtr. Lessons anyone ? Both teams gambled on 4th down ?Results both teams took advantage. huh. .Peyton takes over (Tom thinking I'm passing every down ) passes to Nelson for 9 yds and then hands it to Williams for 11 , 5 and 6 then Bell for 6 (drawing the defense in ) Peyton hits Jackson for 15 then throws a 31 yd strike to Jackson on a long slant to paydirt on a tightman coverage!! St.Louis now takes a 10-7 lead with 5:56 left in 2nd qtr. Jets (Blount runs for 16 and then 6 but then stalls on 2 passes and is forced to punt. 1st play for St.louis Manning airs it out to Jackson (bomb post) for 47 yds to NYJ 30, The Jets defense stiffins and hold Scobee to a 32 yd FG . St.louis extends the lead to 13-7. Jets move the ball but Eli gets sacked twice and is forced to punt. Thats how the 1st half ended.

2nd half

St.louis starts at own 14 and moves the ball methodically down the field mixing in runs with passes on a 17 play drive ending on a Manning (medium fly) pass to Pettigrew for 15yds to extend lead 20-7 !! Peyton was flawless going 5 for 5 for 52 yds and TD, Williams ,Jacobs and Rodgers ran the ball 12 times 34yds. St.Louis took off 7 min 49 sec off clock (17 plays 86 yds!!) Jets try to answer back with a 12 play drive of there own but gets bogged down at the St.louis 13yd line and settles for a Folk FG to make the score 20-10 with 1:20 left in the 3rd.

St.Louis takes over and moves the ball to NYJ 27 and settles on a Scobee fg of 44 yds to really put the nail in the coffin, St.louis leads 23-10 with 12:12 left in 4th. Jets try to mount a comeback but St.Louis defense rises up to the challenge and stops them on a punt and turnover on downs !!

St.Louis 23 Jets 10

MVP Peyton Manning going 20 of 27 for 298yds and 2 Tds

St.Louis stalwarts Williams rushing for 77yds , Jackson 5 catches for 129 yds and td , Defensively, Davis with 8 tackles vs Garcon , Matthews , Bennett and Tuck with a sack each!!

NYJets stalwarts Blount rushing for 101yds and Garcon for 7 catches for 89yds.

St.louis gaines 408 yds 118 on the ground on 36 carries and 298 through the air along with 21 1st downs, Defensively they hold the Jets to 15 1st downs 264 total yd and 3 for 11 on 3rd down!!

St.Louis defense came up BIG in the playoffs holding Dallas to 13 and then the Jets to only 10 points. They saved the Best for last!!






Currently, we have 24 owners, FULL LEAGUE, to play in a HEAD TO HEAD football league using Action PC 2017 software.  We will be starting our 13th season of league play using the 2016 NFL season disk and advancing through NFL history (only 1 season played per year). We will plan on starting the draft in August and all owners must own a copy of the Action PC 2017 for Windows software .  This league will all but require its members to play Head to Head over the internet, so do not join if you do not think you can fill this commitment. If interested in being placed on our waiting list e-mail contact the commish

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